How To Upload Your Ancestry DNA Test Results To GEDmatch

The previous article in this series is How To Download Your Ancestry DNA Test Results.

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded your Ancestry DNA test results file, this file needs to be uploaded to the GEDmatch website ( The purpose of this post is to show, in easy to understand steps, how to take the test results file you downloaded to your computer and upload it to the GEDmatch site. My next blog post will be the first of several posts I have planned in which I will begin explaining how to start using the GEDmatch site and tools.

Click here if you’d like to open the GEDmatch website in a new window/tab to make it easier to follow along with these steps.

1) When you go to the GEDmatch site, you will see a page which allows you to log in with your existing account information, or to register for an account. If you have already registered for an account, please sign in, and then jump ahead to step 4 below. Otherwise, click the link next to where it says Not Registered?

GEDmatch Step 1

2) On the User Registration page, you need to enter your first and last name, your email address (twice), and password of choice (twice), into the corresponding boxes. The name entered here is what will become your GEDmatch Log-in Profile, and is not the name which will be displayed to people you match, or on results pages. For extra privacy, however, you can enter an alias into the Optional Alias box, if you wish. Once you’ve completed entering your information in the boxes, click on the Register button.

GEDmatch Step 2

3) Upon clicking the Register button, you will be be taken to a screen letting you know that a ‘Registration Confirmation Code’ has been emailed to you. You need to keep your Internet browser running, and on this page, until you receive the email with the code. If you accidentally close this page, you will need to start the registration process over from step 1 above. Once you receive your code, enter it into the box and click on the Confirm button.

GEDmatch Step 3

4) Upon clicking the Confirm button, you will be taken to the GEDmatch home page. There are several options that can be clicked on this page, and these will be explained in upcoming posts. For now, click on the link in the white Autosomal Raw DNA box inside the light blue File Uploads box in the upper right of the page.

GEDmatch Step 4 Ancestry

5) You will be taken to the Upload utility for raw DNA files page. In the Name of Donor box, enter the name/username that your DNA test is listed under on Ancestry DNA. It is important to match the Ancestry DNA name/username exactly, including capitalization, initials, periods, etc. for the GEDmatch tools to work properly. If you are not comfortable having your Ancestry name/username displayed with people you match on GEDmatch, or displayed on GEDmatch search results pages, enter what you would like to be displayed in place of your name into the Alias box. Many people use initials, and/or add the phrase “(administered by)” when managing the test results of a relative. For example, my mother’s test displays as S. M. W. (administered by Dan Stone), although this also happens to match how her test is displayed on Ancestry DNA since I manage her test there.

Select whether the tester is a male or female, and select yes to acknowledge you wish to allow comparisons to be made with your test. Leave the Mitochondrial haplogroup and Y haplogroup boxes blank, for now, unless you are certain of what these are. Leaving them blank will have no impact on your GEDmatch comparisons. Next, click on the Choose File button at the lower left of the page. Doing so will open up a dialog box allowing you to navigate to where the Ancestry DNA test results zipped archive file is located on your computer. This is the file that you downloaded following the steps shown in my last post. In order to be sure you have selected the correct file, check that it has .zip at the end. Once you have selected your file, click the Upload button.

GEDmatch Step 5

6) After clicking the Upload button, you will get a new page which says “Processing Chromosomes. Please wait…” at the bottom.

GEDmatch Step 6

The chromosome numbers will begin counting from 1 to 21, and then X, Y and X again, before displaying “Please wait for conversion to Build 36…” This will take a few minutes to complete. It is very important to let this process finish, and not interrupt it by clicking the stop or refresh buttons on your browser, closing your browser, or navigating to another page in your browser. If you do happen to interrupt this process, open a new browser window or restart your Internet browser, log in to the GEDmatch page (, and go back to step 4 above.

GEDmatch Step 6a GEDmatch Step 6b GEDmatch Step 6c

7) You will know the process has successfully completed when it states “Upload Complete” and gives you an Assigned kit number towards the bottom of the page. Keep a record of this kit number, as you will use it to do your comparisons as well as to use the other tools at GEDmatch.

GEDmatch Step 7

Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your Ancestry DNA test results file to GEDmatch! As stated at the bottom of the page, your uploaded file now needs to go through several weeks of processing to fully utilize all the tools GEDmatch offers. In the meantime, within just a few minutes of completing the upload of your file, your file will be available for people to do direct comparisons (called ‘One-to-one compare’) between their test and yours. How to go about doing One-to-one comparisons on GEDmatch will be the subject of my next post. Look for me to have this posted within the next several days. If you experience any problems while following these steps, or notice that a screen has changed from what I’ve shown in the screenshots, please let me know by commenting on this thread or sending me an email. Thanks for reading.

This article last updated 7 Oct 2014

32 thoughts on “How To Upload Your Ancestry DNA Test Results To GEDmatch

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  2. Same here, Dan. Very well done and immensely helpful. As a long-time technical writer, I applaud your detailed approach to providing information.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks much for the feedback, and glad you found the information helpful. I try to strike the right balance between having enough technical details to be informative and interesting, without the article becoming overwhelming and/or dry. It’s certainly a struggle at times, but it’s always nice to hear that on occasion I seem to have been successful in this endeavor.

      Kind regards,


    • Yes, you can add results for as many tests as you manage. Just login in to your GEDmatch account and then upload her Ancestry DNA raw data file. Each test result you upload will be assigned a different GEDmatch kit number. If you have any trouble with getting your granddaughter’s test results added to your GEDmatch account, please let me know.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Unfortunately, determining your haplogroup is not something that can be determined through the tools at GEDmatch, since GEDmatch works with just autosomal DNA. Determining your haplogroup requires a Y-DNA test, mtDNA test or SNP test.

      Thanks for your question,


  3. I am trying to upload a GED file to GEDMatch. It says it is successfully uploaded and building name table…… but it never gets any farther than that. What am I doing wrong or is it just a bad time to be trying to do this?

    • Hi Beth,

      Sorry to hear of your troubles with your upload. I noticed the GEDmatch website had a message today saying “NOTICE: (December 18) Due to a backlog in processing, recent DNA uploads are currently taking 2-5 days to process.” Perhaps the backlog is contributing to the problems you are experiencing trying to upload your test results. I uploaded some new test results a couple days ago, and see they still have not completed processing yet. My suggestion would be to keep checking GEDmatch each day, and when the backlog notice has been removed, try your upload again. If you still experience a problem at that time, please let me know and there are some additional things I can have you try.

  4. It is processing and I am as excited as a kid at Christmas! Thank you so much for your clear instructions. I kept putting off uploading my Ancestry DNA, certain it would be terribly complicated. You made it so very easy. Regards, Christina

    • Thank you for your feedback, Christina. I’m so glad the instructions helped, and that you are on your way to finding new matches. I wish you all the best in breaking through some brick walls!

    • Unfortunately, I do not have any insight into when GEDmatch will be fully functional again. Every few months they seem to experience some growing pains for a week or so, due to the continued high volume of new people discovering the site, then things return to normal. Keeping an eye on their main page for updates is the best way to know when the issues are resolved. Sorry that I don’t have any more information than this.

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  6. I simply can not log in..can you please let me talk to someone of how to get pass the log in box and the next box…thank you

    • Hi D.S.Pen,

      I wish I could give you someone to talk with, but unfortunately, I am not associated with GEDmatch in any way other than just being an enduser like yourself. When I checked a moment ago, I was able to login without any apparent problem, so hopefully when you get this reply and next check the GEDmatch site, the issue will be resolved for you. If not, you may want to send an email to the GEDmatch support email address (GEDmatch@Gmail.Com). I hope this may be of some help.

      Crossing my fingers for you,


  7. Just downloaded my Ancestry results thanks to your clear instructions. I will be back for more. thanks so much.

  8. I thank you for your extra directions. They were indeed very helpful. I would like to verify one direction though regarding uploading extra ancestry DNA test results that are on my account. When I am on the gedmatch site and it is asking specifically for a real donor name, I do not put in the donor’s actual name at all, but use the DNA test name instead? I have 3 tests on my ancestry account. For my own, my DNA name and my name happened to be the same, so that is what I put in the Donor Name field. For the second one though, I am afraid that I put in the donor’s real name rather than the DNA test name. (I haven’t done the 3rd one yet). Will the gedmatch results for that 2nd test not be linked to the DNA matches? And if they do not, should I delete the gedmatch test results and begin again?

    • Hi Cathy,

      Sorry for my delay in seeing your question and responding. The names on GEDmatch can actually be whatever you want them to be, as there is no actual link between GEDmatch and Ancestry DNA. However, it is helpful to those you match with if the name is the same as the username that displays on the Ancestry DNA site. On the GEDmatch site, the Name field is the one that will display to other users, unless something is entered in the Alias field (in which case it is the alias name that will display to other users). The names can be edited at any time, so even if you have entered the donor’s real name and want to change it, you may do so without having to delete the test and begin again. I hope this helps to clarify things, but if not, or you have other questions, please let me know.



  9. Hello Dan,
    I am on my 2nd attempt to upload my DNA raw data file. The first attempt yesterday (Sep18) stared out fine as I watched the green numbers appear as the chromosomes processed…until 10… At which point it stayed stuck at 10. After about an hour, I made sure my computer stayed on through the night to accommodate the hopeful upload. When I awoke it was still stuck at 10…
    So I started over again this morning around 8AM. Everything seemed to be uploading smoothly until chromosome 11… It is now 10:15AM and it has been stuck on 11… For the last hour.
    Do you have any idea if this is normal? Does it take all day instead of the “several minutes” stated? Am I doing something incorrectly?

    • Hi Tamara,

      Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having getting your Ancestry DNA file to upload to the GEDmatch site. What you are describing is not normal, but I do hear of such things as this happening from time to time. Before uploading again, I would suggest checking your two previous upload attempts with the GEDmatch DNA File Diagnostic Utility (on the main GEDmatch page, it is the last entry in the left column of the Analyze Your Data section). Someone recently contacted me after describing something similar to what you experienced, and when they checked with the File Diagnostic Utility we found one of their attempts had completed properly despite seeming to have stalled. If neither of your previous uploads shows as having completed properly in the File Diagnostic Utility, then I would suggest trying the upload one more time. If you have the upload stall on you again, my recommendation would be to send an email to and ask them for suggestions as to what else to try. I hope this helps resolve the issue for you, but if I can answer further questions, please let me know.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks Dan! That was quick.
        I did go back to check on the upload and the first one did fail. However, as you described it, the second attempt showed that it had completed. Now I wait a bit for the next layer of information.
        Who knows why it “appeared” stalled but yet the upload managed to go through? A friend also suggested trying a different browser. I used Firefox both times described but was prepared to try it with Safari or Chrome had the second attempt not worked.
        Thanks again.

      • Thanks for the update, Tamara. Glad to hear that one of the two uploads worked. It shouldn’t take too long for the processing to complete and you can run the one to many comparison. Best wishes on your research.

  10. Reblogged this on Something to Ponder About and commented:
    When you first get into DNA testing, you think it is simple, but to take full advantage of the information provided, you have to follow up with placing information on other sides, for interpretation and connections to be made. This blog post examines how to do this.

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