Using Genome Mate (Importing/Updating the email addresses of your matches from GEDmatch)

The steps we have used to import GEDmatch segment data into Genome Mate have not imported theĀ email addresses of our matches from GEDmatch. Importing these email addresses is done as a separate import. This post will show the email address import process, step by step. It’s also a good idea to use this same import process from time to time to update the email addresses of your imported matches in Genome Mate, in case someone has changed the email address associated with their kit at GEDmatch.

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Steps to DNA Matching and Chromosome Mapping with GEDmatch and Genome Mate

For awhile now, I’ve planned to write a summary of the steps to using GEDmatch and Genome Mate for chromosome mapping. Based on some great feedback and suggestions from Roberta, one of my blog readers, I’m going to go ahead and post this summary now, instead of waiting until I have completed the step by step guides for the entire process. My hope is this will help people to begin making the most efficient use of their DNA data right away, as well as letting people know what topics I will be covering next in the process. As I continue to add the rest of the step by step guides, I will update this post by adding the links to the new guides after I have completed writing them. In addition, I hope to keep evolving this post by incorporating new methods and tools that may become available for working with one’s genealogical DNA data.

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