Stone DNA Testing Update

I managed to locate someone who is believed to be a descendant of Philipp Stein and has already taken a Y-DNA test. The Philipp Stein line ( is one I have researched for about a year now in the belief that my Stone line may be closely related to them based on lots of circumstantial evidence I have come across. It turns out the haplogroups between us are not the same and the DNA signatures are dramatically different. As the other person rightly pointed out, while this test result certainly puts a damper on a likely connection, a final determination cannot be made until at least one more descendant can be found for comparison.

Until an additional comparison is done, we must allow for the possibility of an undocumented adoption or non paternal event in either of our lines. Another possibility, as I discovered by reading a posting on the message boards (, is that there were at least two different men named Henry Stone/Johann Heinrich Stein who lived in a similar area during roughly the same timeframe. One married Juliana Andre while the other married Susannah Zorn/Zornes (possible maiden name of Ruhlman).

Therefore, I’m continuing to seek DNA test candidates from either of the Stein lines as well as from my Stone line.

Stone DNA Testing Update

I still have not had any matches to the Y-DNA 37 marker test I took at the beginning of this year, even when lowering the criteria for a match to just the 12 marker level. The line that I believe my Stone branch may descend from is that of Philipp Stein (, born 1620 in Udenkappeln [now Kappeln], Palatine, Germany (,_Rhineland-Palatinate), and died 1703 in Udencapeln, Palatine, Germany. His wife was Margaretha Gotz. Continuing down this line, the rest of the lineage is as follows:

Best Sebastian Stein, born 1645 in Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, and married to Anna Catherine (Surname unknown).

Johann Heinrich Stein, born 29 August 1663 in Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, died 19 January 1716/17 in Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, and married to Anna Elizabeth Buffi

John Sebastian Stein, born 24 March 1696/96 in Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, died March 1762 in Bethel, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and married to Anna Catherine Arnoldt

Johann/John Heinrich Stein [also known as Henry Stone], born 6 March 1726/27 in Hoppstädten, Germany, died 1810 in Virginia, and married to Juliana Andre first and to Susannah Zorn/Zornes second

Henry Stone (my fourth great grandfather, born 1762 in Frederick County, Maryland, died between 1833 and 1848 near Maidsville, Monongalia County, Virginia [now West Virginia], and married to Margaret Murphy

While I have managed to locate a handful of living male paternal line descendants of Phillip Stein, including some from the Stine branch of the surname, none of the ones I’ve managed to make contact with have expressed interest in doing any genealogical DNA testing, unfortunately. The search continues, however, and I have two more potential test candidates that I am now trying to contact.

In the meantime, I have located a descendant of Solomon Stone, born circa 1823 in Virginia, and married to Mary Ann (Polly) Simmons, who is agreeable to doing the DNA testing. This test candidate believes Solomon to be the son of Jacob Stone and Hannah Trumbo, making him a great grandson of Johann/John Heinrich Stein [also known as Henry Stone] above. My research, though, has lead me to believe Solomon is not the son of Jacob and Hannah.

For one, Solomon was born about eleven years before Jacob and Hannah are recorded as getting married (10 April 1834). Secondly, according to the book, A history of Pendleton County, West Virginia by Oren Frederic Morton, pages 301 and 302 (, Jacob Stone and Hannah Trumbo only had three children, all born after they married. Of the three, Hendron and Elizabeth died single and having never married. Only their daughter, Louisa, is recorded as having been married (to Daniel Kiser) and having children.

In my research of Solomon, the area where he is recorded as living (Highland County and Pendleton County, Virginia), as well as the surnames of his neighbors on the various census years, is certainly consistent with him somehow being a descendant of Johann/John Heinrich Stein [also known as Henry Stone]. I’m hoping to discover the connection before proceeding with having Solomon’s descendant get tested, to avoid jumping to a wrong conclusion with the test results. Ultimately, if Solomon’s lineage cannot be verified, I may end up having to proceed with having his descendant take the test, just to see if there is a match, and if so, hoping to later uncover Solomon’s true line of descent.

Hopefully, someone reading this may have more information on Solomon, or may be a direct paternal line descendant of the Phillip Stein line. If so, please contact me as I would really like to determine if my hunch about my Stone line being descended from Phillip Stein is correct or not.