Genome Mate Pro

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have not posted any new Genome Mate step by step guides for a few months now. The reason for this is that a new version of Genome Mate is in the process of being created. The new version is being called Genome Mate Pro, and Becky (the programmer) has been posting screenshots and teasers on the Genome Mate Facebook page. I have gotten to see a preview version of Genome Mate Pro within this past week, and I think all current users will be very pleased with this upgrade. A manual is also being written for this new version, which may eliminate the need for further step by step guides. If not, I will focus on creating guides for items not covered in the manual, or for which additional instructions may be beneficial. Testing of Genome Mate Pro is currently underway, and if you have made a PayPal donation you are eligible to participate in the testing. If you wish to do so, more information about joining the test group is listed on the Facebook page. If you are not yet a project donor, participating in this testing process would be a great reason to become one.

2 thoughts on “Genome Mate Pro

  1. Dan, have to say I really miss the way you explain things. I do appreciate that there is a guide and am grateful for the work being put into it. However, I wound up needing to print the current guide because trying to use it on the computer and then going back and forth from an information page to an appendix, and then trying to return where I was, is frustrating and confusing. I find myself wondering – “oh wait am I understanding what the guide is saying/means in that previous section?” so back I go again. Even with having a printed copy of the guide I am still a bit frustrated with the need to flip back and forth to find what I need. I think there is going to be a need for other, perhaps more basic, explanations particularly when GMP is released for general use. Right now the explanation is fine for people who already have experience and thorough understanding of GM but for those who do not….well, I wonder how that will go.

    • Hi desertmules,

      I appreciate your kind comments. I’d hate to see Genome Mate Pro not get utilized due to people thinking it’s too difficult to use. Unfortunately, you are not the first person to mention these same concerns to me. I will certainly consider writing some blog posts related to Genome Mate Pro. As part of the process of deciding what topics I should write about, are there some specific things you can think of that would be helpful to have further explanations of?

      Thank you,


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