Wright DNA Testing Update

Very exciting news, with two items to report:

1) A direct paternal line descendant of Gabriel Wright has been located, and was kind enough to participate in the DNA testing. He is descended from Gabriel’s son, Caleb Wright, who married Mary Ann Hacker Sleeth. The test being run is a 37 marker Y-DNA test, so upon comparison with my uncle’s test a match should verify both of our line’s descent from Gabriel. If a mismatch is found, then I will try to locate another┬ádirect paternal line descendant of Gabriel for testing, in an attempt to discover through which branch the mismatch occurs.┬áThe lab has just received this latest test submission, so results should be available about mid February.

2) A known Wright cousin, descended from my grandfather’s sister, Ida Dean Wright, has submitted an Ancestry.com autosomal DNA test. Once her test results are available, which is expected to be by the end of December, it should be a big help with sorting out the other potential Wright autosomal matches my mom and I have had.