Gabriel Wright (Maternal 6th Great Grandfather) Research Plan

While waiting to hear back from the direct descendants of Hosea Wright that I emailed regarding doing a DNA test, I’ve been searching for additional information on Gabriel Wright. It occurred to me that I had not yet recorded all of his grandchildren, and that by doing so perhaps some more clues to Gabriel’s life may be found. I decided to start with the children of Gabriel’s daughter, Sarah Wright and her husband, Nathan Cory. Nathan was one of the children of Joseph Cory and Phoebe Simpson, and Sarah’s sister, Rhoda, married Nathan’s brother, Stephen Cory. The Cory family was the subject of a genealogy book published in 1941 titled¬†The Cory family : a genealogy : with brief records of many branches of the Cory family in America by Harry Harmon Cory. Since Nathan, Sarah, Stephen and Rhoda moved place to place along with the Gabriel Wright family, the¬†book provides an opportunity for comparison against the historical timeline given in the published accounts of the Wright family. My hope is to be able to fill in some of the gaps in the timeline of Gabriel which I can then use to try to locate previously overlooked historical documents. I’ve only gotten started, but already the recording of birth dates and places of Sarah and Nathan’s children seems to be putting me on the path to accomplishing exactly what I had hoped for.