Using Genome Mate Part 3 (Importing GEDmatch Chromosome Browser Data)

The previous article in this series is Using Genome Mate Part 2 (Importing GEDmatch One To One Comparison Data).

Thanks to some great programming work by Becky Walker, the developer of Genome Mate, there is a new option for importing lots of match data at a time into Genome Mate, using Sue Griffith’s method of an alternate to the GEDmatch triangulation tool for locating shared segments with other testers (as also shown step by step in my last blog post). In this blog post, I will walk through the new Genome Mate import process step by step.

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Introduction To Genome Mate

In preparation for my series of posts on how to use GEDmatch, I recommend you download and install the Genome Mate software ( While not mandatory for using GEDmatch, or following along with my posts on GEDmatch, I think you will find it will make things much easier. Continue reading