Oyster Bay Wright DNA Test 67 Marker Results

The Y-DNA 67 marker test results of the Oyster Bay Wright descendant have been completed and are now posted on the Wright Y-DNA Test Results page. The Wright DNA Project Results page should also be updated in the next few days to reflect the new results. At the 67 marker level, the Oyster Bay descendant is a match with the first five 67 marker testers in the pink section (starting with kit number 235938) at the top of the Wright DNA Project Results page, with a difference range of four, five and six steps.

Kit number 88542 is an eight step difference and is not considered close enough to be a likely match to the Oyster Bay descendant when directly comparing the two kits. However, Family Tree DNA says in their Learning Center “A 58/67 or 59/67 match between two men who share the same surname (or a variant) means it is possible but unlikely that they share a common ancestor within the genealogical time frame. If you test additional individuals you may find the person whose DNA results falls in-between the persons that are 8 or 9 apart demonstrating relatedness within this family cluster or haplotype.” Therefore, if the true DNA signature of the Oyster Bay progenitor was the same as the DNA signature of kit number 235938, both the Oyster Bay descendant and kit number 88542 would be matches and therefore closely related. This possibility must be kept in mind since there is no way to positively know what the true DNA signature of the Oyster Bay progenitor was, and we have to rely on a derived DNA signature to base comparisons off of.

This means that, in all likelihood, the pink section (starting with kit number 235938) at the top of the Wright DNA Project Results page is indeed the Oyster Bay Wright group, and the Flushing Wright family and Oyster Bay Wright family are not closely related along their direct paternal lines. Learning this will be a great help in knowing where to focus my future research efforts to locate the correct ancestral family for my Wright line’s earliest known ancestor, Gabriel Wright.

4 thoughts on “Oyster Bay Wright DNA Test 67 Marker Results

  1. Dan Stone: I am connected to Captain Peter Wright of Shaftsbury by way of his son John. I understand that we originated with the Flushing Wrights (Fred Philo Wright). In viewing the genealogical charting I see that we are now Oyster Bay Wrights descended from Joseph who was a descendant of Peter Wright of Oyster Bay. What recorded/documented information causes this to be accurate. Do we have Joseph’s exact date of death? The month? Are there records of his children?

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks you very much for your comments. I’m very sorry to be taking so long to reply to you. I have reviewed the Fred Philo Wright book in the past, as part of my own Wright line research, and know that it does state the Capt. Peter Wright line was believed by the author to have originated with the Flushing Wright line. I’m not quite sure I agree with his methodology in coming to that conclusion, in that he states he reached this conclusion only because he could find no connection with the Oyster Bay Wright family, despite lots of research being done by that line. In my mind, lack of supporting documentation should not necessarily mean lack of a relationship. I’m certainly not trying to discount, however, that Fred Philo Wright looks to have put in considerable time and research writing his book.

      I agree with you that the presentation on my Wright DNA page (http://www.danstone.info/wrightdna.htm) is a bit misleading, in that there is nothing definitive yet to show Capt. Peter Wright is indeed Joseph Wright’s son. As a result, I am modifying the page to better reflect that this potential connection is still under ongoing research. Since discovering that my Wright line appears to be descended from the Flushing family, rather than the Oyster Bay family, my research efforts have been focused in that direction. Consequently, the majority of my information on the line connecting Capt. Peter to Joseph has come from Diane Wright. As part of her ongoing research, Diane has let me know that you are taking a Y-DNA test for her. This is fantastic news, and I know she greatly appreciates you doing this. Hopefully, it will help provide some answers in her research efforts, and may also provide substantial clarification as to whether or not Capt. Peter’s line is indeed of the Flushing Wright family. I will be interested in learning the results, and I hope you may let me know what you find out. Should you wish to permit me to do so, I would welcome adding the results to my website.

      Kind regards,


      • Dan: I think that there’s a good possibility that Captain Peter Wright’s father was John Wright (1700-1770), son of John Wright (1680-1768) of the Flushing Wright line. John would have been forty (40) years of age when Captain Peter was born. Are there any records that dispute that fact?   Peter Wright

      • Peter,

        I don’t know the answer to this question, but the two Flushing Wright line DNA testers are quite knowledgeable on the line, and very likely may be able to answer this for you. With your permission, I can forward your question on to them, along with your email address. Please let me know if that is ok to do. While responding here on my blog is fine with me, if you would instead prefer to send me email directly just click on my name at the bottom of any of my website pages (http://www.danstone.info).



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