Oyster Bay Wright Line DNA Testing

As I’ve posted previously, I believe there’s a possibility my Wright line may be descended from the Wright family who were some of the first European settlers of Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. The Y-DNA test of my uncle has a match with a descendant of Peter Wright of Oyster Bay, as well as a match with a descendant of Johnathan Wright of Flushing. In order to try to clarify which family my line descends from, or whether there is a possibility the Wright lines of Oyster Bay and Flushing are actually related, it has been hoped another descendant of either line would test. I believe I have located a couple of descendants of the Oyster Bay Wright line, and have contacted them to see if they may have already tested, or are interested in testing. Hopefully, there may soon be some resolution in regards to sorting these two lines out.