Adding A GEDCOM File To Genome Mate

The previous article in this series is Downloading A GEDCOM File From An Ancestry Member Tree.

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded the GEDCOM file containing the ancestors of the test taker, this file needs to be imported to Genome Mate so that we can begin to make use of some of the advanced tools in Genome Mate. This post will show how to import a GEDCOM file to Genome Mate in simple, easy to follow, steps.

1) In the menu bar near the top of the Genome Mate program window, click Profiles to bring up the Manage Kit Profiles box.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 5

2) In the Manage Kit Profiles box, select the profile to which we would like to import the GEDCOM file, and then click the Load Gedcom File button.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 6

3) Clicking on the Load Gedcom File button will open up a dialog box allowing you to navigate to where the GEDCOM file you previously downloaded is located on your computer. Once you have selected the file, and the upload process has completed, you will be taken to the Select Profile Person window. Type the test taker’s last name into the Surname Starts With: box, and then click on the test taker’s name from within the list of search results.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 7

4) Upon selecting the test taker’s name, a confirmation box will come up. If the person you have selected is indeed the test taker for this profile, click on the Yes button. If you have selected the wrong person, or are unsure that you have selected the correct person, click the No button to go back and choose a different person, or to cancel the import completely.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 8

5) After selecting the correct person, and clicking the Yes button, the Manage Kit Profiles box will come back up. You will see Gedcom file loaded, in red, towards the bottom of the window, to let you know the file upload has completed. If you do not see this in your Manage Kit Profiles box, close the box and start the upload process again from step 1 above. Upon the upload process successfully completing, click the Close button.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 9

6) Clicking the Close button takes us back to the main Genome Mate screen. To doublecheck that our GEDCOM upload was successful, click Relatives in the menu bar.

Genome Mate Screen Shot 10

7) Clicking Relatives in the menu bar will bring up the Ancestor List box. Within this box, we should see the names of the ancestors of the test taker, listed in alphabetical order by last name. If you do not get such a box, this is an indication that something went wrong with the GEDCOM upload process. Repeat steps 1 through 7, and if you still do not see the Ancestor List box, post a comment below, or post a message on the Genome Mate User Group page on Facebook.

.Genome Mate Screen Shot 12

Congratulations, we have completed uploading our GEDCOM file, and are now ready to begin learning how to use some of the advanced tools within Genome Mate. If you have added additional profiles to Genome Mate, repeat the process above to add a GEDCOM file for each profile. While following the steps above, if you experience any problems, or notice that a screen has changed from what I’ve shown in the screenshots, please let me know by commenting on this thread or sending me an email.

This article last updated 11 Oct 2014


7 thoughts on “Adding A GEDCOM File To Genome Mate

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  2. Dan,

    Once I download a GEDCOM file into Genome Mate can I update my tree/ancestor list in the future in case I need to add or make modifications/corrections to my tree? Or is it a one time process and that’s it?

    Thanks Dan.

    • John,

      Yes, you can update your tree in Genome Mate at any time by doing another GEDCOM import. The only thing that I have found to be aware of is, if you change the name of an ancestor who you’ve selected as the MRCA of a confirmed segment, they are removed as the MRCA from the confirmed segment and will need to be selected again.

  3. My GEDCOM does not seem to be loading correctly. I am using GEDCOM 5.5 and UTF-8. I have tried several times. On at least two family names, it is not showing all ancestors. At the point it stops with ancestors, it states the parents are unknown in both cases. I opened the GEDCOM in Family Tree Maker, and all seems to be fine there. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Hi Chrissy,

      As a test, you can create a new profile and then try importing your GEDCOM to the new profile. One other thing to try is to export another GEDCOM from Family Tree Maker, but use the settings of Destination – FTM 2008 and Character Set – ANSI. Please let me know if either of these works, or if you are still having problems.



    • Hi Sharon,

      I have imported several GEDCOM files into Genome Mate without any apparent issues. Some have been from and quite large, so I don’t think there is any size limitation. I would recommend posting on the Genome Mate User Group Facebook page, explaining a little about what you’ve tried, and I’m quite sure you will get some very helpful answers that should allow you to resolve the problem.

      Hope this may be of some help,


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