More Stone DNA Test Results

DNA test results (kit 328319) from the descendant of George and Rheuhama (maiden surname unknown) Stone ( have come back and are now posted on the Stone Y-DNA Test Results page ( Although the test results are just at the twelve marker level, the only two matches to this test in the Family Tree DNA database are the two Henry Stone descendants. They have already tested and matched at thirty-seven markers, making it extremely likely the George Stone who married Rheuhama is the son of my fourth great grandfather, Henry Stone (, who lived in Maidsville, Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia). This is very helpful on a couple counts:

1) It shows the Henry Stone who is shown in Monongalia County deed book records as being conveyed land from Elizabeth Scott is indeed my ancestor, Henry Stone. This is demonstrated by the record on page 271 in Deed Book #19 Old Series, which lists an “indenture made February 3, 1849 between John Stone, Henry Stone [Jr.], George Stone and Rheuhama his wife, of the one part, and Joseph H. Scott of the other part, all of Monongalia County Va……….. Three sevenths of a tract of land……… being the same that was conveyed to Henry Stone by Elizabeth Scott………. being the interest or shares of said John Stone, Henry Scott [should be Stone rather than Scott] (Jr.), George Stone and Rheuhama his wife, in said tract of land as children and heirs of Henry Stone deceased.” There are three additional and similar transactions in the same deed book between the remainder of Henry Stone’s children (except Joseph Stone, who is said to have died in the War of 1812) and Joseph H. Scott. This information came from the supplemental documentation supplied with the Daughters of the American Revolution application of Sarah Love (Stone) Conn (

2) It shows the derived thirty-seven marker Y-DNA signature of Henry Stone obtained from the two previous testers is very likely accurate, and is also fairly unique since there are so very few matches at even the twelve marker level. This is extremely helpful going forward in trying to discover the correct ancestral family of Henry Stone. There should not be a large number of false matches to have to sort through, and the family tree of anyone who does match should be investigate quite thoroughly as it very likely points to a common ancestor between our lines.

This leads me to start looking more closely at two families I find quite likely to be the ancestral families of Henry Stone. One being the Stone family of early Pendleton County, Virginia (now West Virginia). The other being the line of Philipp Stein of Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, who’s descendant, John Sebastian Stein (, came to Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1748. In both of these families, some branches are believed to have eventually evolved the surname from Stein to Stone. Many previous researchers have believed these two lines are related to each other, or are part of the same line, but comparison of the signature/mark of Henry Stein (aka Henrich Stein) who accompanied Sebastian Stein on the Edinburgh in 1748 to the signature of Johann Henrich Stein who arrived on the Edinburgh in 1751 (, seems to show that at least two men named Henry/Henrich Stein arrived in early Pennsylvania at somewhat similar timeframes. Hopefully, DNA comparisons will help sort this out, so I’m searching for descendants of both lines for testing. A previous test of a descendant of the Philipp Stein line (kit UG8HR) seems to show my Stone line is not closely related, but a comparison with a second descendant should be done to confirm the result. If any direct paternal line descendants of either of these lines have tested, or are interested in testing, please contact me.



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