Luark/Lewark DNA Testing Update

Over the past several months, I have been exchanging research with the wife of a descendant of Elijah Lewark, who appeared on paper (despite the variations in spelling of the last name) to be the half brother of Anna Luark, one of my paternal third great grandmothers. This proposed cousin’s wife is a scientist, and very enthusiastic about DNA testing. With her help, I’ve learned a lot about DNA testing for genealogy, and she and I have been working together to use DNA to verify the mutual connection back to John Luark/Lewark (1774 – 1866) between her husband’s line and my line.

For comparisons, we’ve used the Ancestry DNA autosomal tests my dad and I took, the 23andme autosomal test her husband took, the Ancestry DNA autosomal test her husband took, the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA test my known Luark cousin took, along with uploads to gedmatch of all the autosomal tests for use with their comparison utilities. While results of the comparisons were promising, they were far from conclusive. Recently, her husband took advantage of Family Tree DNA’s Holiday Sale to take their Y-DNA 67 test.

Comparison of this new Y-DNA 67 test result with my known Luark cousin’s Y-DNA 37 test result ( now shows there to be a very likely close connection, supporting the paper trails back to John Luark/Lewark. The results of this newly confirmed Lewark cousin’s test also further substantiate the likely connection previously found between my known Luark cousin’s test and at least one branch of the Ruark family line. There seem to be several Ruark/Rheuark family members who have tested, so it will be interesting to see if the specific connection between their line and the Luark/Lewark line can now be determined.


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