Another Wright DNA Testing Update

A descendant of the Wright family of Flushing has submitted a sample for Y-DNA testing. This should allow for verification with the previous Flushing family member who tested, and in turn allow me to determine whether or not my Wright line has a close connection with the Flushing line. The next step is to locate an Oyster Bay descendant for testing, to compare against the two other people who are thought to be descended from the Oyster Bay line and have already tested (and did not match each other). Once there are at least two matches from both the Flushing and Oyster Bay lines, it should be possible to determine whether or not there was a close connection between the two lines. Determining if my line matches either the Flushing line or Oyster Bay line will then give me a direction in which to focus my Wright research in the hopes of being able to verify Gabriel Wright’s ancestral line. If anyone reading this knows of a documented Oyster Bay descendant, please contact me.

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