Hosea Wright (Maternal 5th Great Grandfather) Discovery

Although I had checked the Ohio Probate Records database at FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/) a couple months ago, I decided to take another look for anything I could find related to Hosea Wright. This time, I was able to locate a record of the appointment of administrators for his estate. The discovery is very exciting as it provides the thinnest of strings with which to tie Hiram Wright to Gabriel Wright.

The bible pages (http://glennfletcher.com/?page_id=460) which are supposed to be a record of the family of Hiram’s parents show that Hosea married Sarah Crews, which matches the name of Hosea’s wife recorded in the document I just found. The Hosea who is Gabriel Wright’s son is recorded in a couple books as having died in 1837 in Clinton County, Ohio, which matches the newly discovered document. The bible pages for Hosea Wright and Sarah Crews record them having a son, Hiram, who was born on July 1, 1807. As mentioned in a previous post here, this is not the same date of birth recorded on Hiram Wright’s headstone, but the source of the date on the headstone is unknown and the headstone does not appear to be contemporary to the time of his death. While none of this is absolutely conclusive, there is also nothing found which rules out the likely possibility that the Hiram Wright, who is my 4th great grandfather, is the grandson of Gabriel Wright.

In a related development, I received an email from a descendant of Hosea’s (with a line of descent other than through Hiram) tentatively agreeing to move forward with DNA testing. Their line has a solid paper trail leading back to one of the children of the Hosea Wright family recorded in the bible pages. A match with them would make the link back to Gabriel Wright an almost certainty for both of our lines, and would shift my focus to trying to discover exactly where the connection is between Gabriel and the Wright families of Long Island, New York, as indicated by the 37 marker DNA matches with my uncle.



2 thoughts on “Hosea Wright (Maternal 5th Great Grandfather) Discovery

  1. My name is Gary Wright and I live in Oklahoma City, OK. I am a direct line descendant of Gabriel Wright through Hosea, Hiram, Martin VanBuren, David, Benjamin (Not William) McKinley, Vildie and then me. Benjamin McKinley (Not William) Wright was married to Muriel McQuery (McQuerry?). Their sons and daughter were Vildie Vernon Wright, Curtis Carl Wright, Benny ? Wright, and Imojean ? Wright. Vildie Vernon Wright

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