Hosea Wright (Maternal 5th Great Grandfather)

I was working on a post that would provide a summary of what I knew about Hosea Wright (Hiram Wright’s father), when I soon realized I did not have much information on his children. Besides Hiram, I basically had little more than just the names of the other children. This made me suspend the writing of my summary of Hosea, and start to look more closely at his children to see if any documents supporting the connections between them and Hosea could be located, which in turn might help with finding documents to support the connection between Hiram and Hosea.

Right away, this change in focus paid dividends, as I shortly thereafter came across an Ancestry member tree by the wife of a present day male direct line descendant of Hosea. I’ve sent a message to her to see if her husband would be agreeable to doing a Y-DNA test. While I wait to hear back from the tree owner, I will continue looking for additional information on Hiram’s siblings, but hopefully there may soon be testing underway to verify the lineage back from Hiram to Hosea.


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