Hiram Wright (Maternal 4th Great Grandfather) Update

After receiving the updated Wright DNA results, I sent emails to the seven matches my uncle had at the 37 marker level. I have heard back from three of them now, and they are each proving beneficial in their own way. One match in particular, though, was just what I was seeking as the next step in the verification of my lineage back to Gabriel Wright.

The most recent common ancestor I share with this match happens to be Hiram Wright, which is precisely the point in the lineage where I had felt confident the existing paper trail was strong enough to substantiate the connection. This DNA match now validates the lineage back to Hiram is indeed correct, leaving me just two generations removed from Gabriel. I next need to substantiate that Hiram is the son of Gabriel’s son, Hosea. There seems to be reasonably solid evidence, via at least three different books, demonstrating Gabriel had a son named Hosea, but adding to the challenge in making the connection between Hiram and Hosea will be the fact that there were multiple men named Hosea Wright in the same area at the same time (Ross County, Ohio from the early to mid 1800s). Unless I discover that one of the remaining DNA matches is also a descendant of either Gabriel or Hosea, I will continue to seek out a direct descendant of either of them for testing, and will outline the case of the multiple Hosea Wrights in an upcoming blog post.

As before, should anybody reading this know of any of direct line male descendants of either Gabriel or Hosea, who would be willing to do a DNA test, please ask them to get in touch with me. Providing their paper trail lineage doesn’t have any discrepancies, I would be willing to help pay for the cost of the testing. Thanks in advance.


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