Gabriel Wright (Maternal 6th Great Grandfather)

The upgraded DNA results I received yesterday for my uncle in the Wright line have proven to be quite a revelation. For quite some time, I have believed that our Wright line is descended from Gabriel Wright (died 20 June 1803 in Ross County, Ohio). This is based on the work of other researchers, historical records, and biographies of Gabriel contained in a few books. One of the books (Four Revolutionary soldiers and their descendants : Alexander Sleeth, Gabriel Wright, David Smith, John Hacker by Eloise M. Roberts) relates a family legend about Gabriel being descended from a Scottish clan leader with the surname of MacGregor, and coming to America to live under the disguise of a new surname of Wright.

As I learned more about Gabriel during the course of my research, I began to doubt the accuracy of the Scottish clan story, but I still thought it likely that the family originated in Scotland or Wales. These new DNA test results have turned that belief on it’s head. It turns out my uncle very closely matches (35 and 36 of 37 markers) several Wrights who are descended from Wright ancestors that were located in Flushing, Queens, New York City around the late 1600s. This will necessitate a full review of our lineage going back to Gabriel. Either Gabriel was not from Scotland/Wales. as I had thought, or somewhere in the line I have the wrong father/son combination.


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